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My name is Jennifer Higgins.  I am a mother of two and married to my husband of 24 years.  I am an artist, interior designer, sculptor, painter, and I dabble in woodwork for specific projects and artwork.  I studied Interior Design at the University of Kentucky, and have hands-on experience in design and art for the last 23 years. I started my career as a floral designer and event planner for Carol Lynn Originals, where I decorated for holidays, weddings,  and events. In 2000, I started my own company building and painting children's furniture and doing murals  for kids.  In 2006, My company underwent a literal "metamorphosis" and became called Metamorphosis.  I branched into murals, custom furniture pieces, and interior spaces for residential clients, businesses, schools, and more.  In 2008, I opened an accompanying retail and art consignment store.  This type of store proved not to be recession proof, so I continued on with custom work only, and have remained an Artist for Hire since that time.  As time goes on, I continue to branch out and try new things.  I love to keep learning and keep teaching. Now, I work primarily as an interior designer and an artist.

 I feel blessed beyond measure to get to do what I love for a living.  I believe in giving back so I continue to teach on the side as much as I can.  I support several local missions and a few larger charities with my business proceeds.  My vision has always been that local missions and local community support is the way to grow globally as well.

Be the change you wish to see in the world....-Mahatma Ghandi 

Until We Meet Again,


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