"Winds of Change"

This is a painting I finished in the last year. It was the first "nude" that I have displayed on exhibit or on social media. I have received many questions and comments on it. So I decided I wanted to use my blog to address some of those questions. I realized that there seem to be two camps of people on the subject of nudity in art. One camp is of the mind that the human figure in its purest form is beautiful and is a work of art in itself to be admired. The other camp seems to be hypersensitive to the idea of pornography and consider any representation of the human form to be derogatory in nature. I wish to shed some light on the latter at least as it appears in art, and more specif

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I am a deep-rooted artist who fell in love with the ability to transform an environment through thoughtful design. My goal is simple, to combine artistic styling with your design dreams to create a quintessential space & environment.  

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