Color... how important is it, really?

My Husband is color blind... He has red/green color blindness. While, this has surfaced before in our marriage when we had to choose paint colors or in picking out dress clothes, it never dawned on me how much he was actually missing out on until a few weeks ago. I was commenting on how beautiful the fall leaves were this year. They are especially brilliant this year. He said he doesn't see them like we do. This made me realize the fundamental difference between us. Color is everything to me. My greatest happiness comes from viewing sunsets and enjoying the beauty of the Kentucky landscape. I am an artist and an interior designer and color is ...well Color is just... everything. I orde

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I am a deep-rooted artist who fell in love with the ability to transform an environment through thoughtful design. My goal is simple, to combine artistic styling with your design dreams to create a quintessential space & environment.  

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