7 Tips for Incorporating Bold Colors in Your Room’s Design

Bold, cheerful colors have been in vogue for a while—from color-blocked layouts to splashes of primary hues in makeup, sensational shades are all the rage. Interior design is not far behind—designers are leaning into this trend as well. If you're looking for a way to reflect your vibrant personality and revamp your home, here are a few of our ideas! Choose one or two primary color anchors Understanding how bold colors work together is the key to a cohesive look. Select at least one color to give direction to your other ones; for example, if you're basing a look around red, don't choose a shade of blue that is equally intense. Alternatively, you can have intense reds or blues in one space, as

Top 5 Interior Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Dream Home

Achieving your dream home is a complicated process involving contractors, suppliers, and interior designers. Hardly are full-home renovations a do-it-yourself project, although some interior design choices may be in the hands of your aesthetic preferences. When working towards achieving your home goals, avoid making these five interior design errors at all costs. Mistake 1 - Neglecting a Blueprint Driving home with the perfect centerpiece is exciting—until you realize you can barely squeeze it into your living room. Space planning allows you to visualize what you can fit into each room appropriately. For instance, if your bedroom can accommodate a king-sized bed, it may only leave room for o

Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer for Your Home

Most people approach home renovations intuitively. They have a pegboard or styles that they find appealing but have no idea how to achieve a unified look for the home. Perhaps they don't have time to research details like accessories and accent pieces or have no idea where to source them. Others are not even sure where to begin. Typically, they have recently upsized their home and would like to fill it up but are afraid of choosing the wrong pieces. Since they are still getting used to their space, they might feel like their current furniture or their home flow does not suit their needs. You will address all of these issues when you consult with an interior designer. What is the job of an in

Psychology of Space - 3 Factors That Affect Your Emotions

Psychology is an entire branch of complex concepts and theories, but it encompasses aplenty—including interior design. Dubbed as the “psychology of space”, this idea postulates that your home reflects your mood and personality, and every space we interact with transmits us emotions and notions that affect us. In simpler terms, your choice of decor, colors, and space use directly affects how you feel. How you arrange your room affects your feelings of happiness and comfort, of hostility and coldness. In essence, it’s only logical to arrive at an insight: space and emotions are directly proportional. In creating a space, your personal characteristics matter, as with how you exist—only then can

How To Make Your Office Worth The Wait

As the adage goes, “good things come to those who wait.” With this in mind, you can make the stage of waiting just a little more bearable for people who have come to visit your medical practice. Waiting is a reality of daily life. People have to wait in line wherever they go--when they check out at grocery stores, visit the bank, or get medical treatment. Improving the area where your patients wait demonstrates care and respect for them. It means that you value their comfort and you appreciate that they have chosen your services over others. If you want to create a better waiting room for your clinic or medical practice, you can use your five senses to guide your interior design. Here are fi

9 Great Colors To Pair With Red For Your Home

If you want to incorporate the color red into your home decor, this may be a bit tricky. Red is a fiery color that may be difficult to tame due to the high energy it evokes. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this color in your home. It all comes down to the colors that you will pair it with, along with the vibe that you want to achieve. When you mix red with the right colors, you will be surprised at how it can transform your home into something that you’ve always wanted. Navy and White If you want a more classic look, pair the color red with navy and white. Although it may look like the American flag when not done right, you can still use this color combination by sticking with solid p

6 Great Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

One of the essential aspects of any house is its interior design, especially if it is meant to be a long-term or permanent residence. It must serve three purposes: functionality, comfort, and beauty. Balanced together, these three concepts could turn any house into a home. If you are thinking about hiring an interior designer, read on. We’re going to talk about the best reasons to get one. Here they are: 1. It can save you money The designer’s fee might be a daunting cost. After all, why pay an interior designer when you can decorate your house yourself? But in reality, hiring a designer is more likely to save you money in the long run. Such professionals are well-equipped with the skills an

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