What are the words I would want to leave you with?

I recently redesigned my young tween daughters room, and we needed a piece of artwork above the bed. My kids and my family in general are the harshest critics of my artwork and don't quite appreciate the value in what I do as an artist. While I am way over that stopping me from pursuing my love of art and creating whatever I want to, It has resulted in me not painting anything for them or giving them my artwork as gifts. However, at the time of our redesign I was having some troubling medical issues. It is nothing terminal, but it got me thinking that if I was going to paint something for the room, I wanted it to be something that would speak to her. She is at that tender age where she needs to hear my advice and my encouragement, but she is too cool to listen to anything that comes out of my mouth. I decided to paint all the things I would say to her if I couldn't say anything. I wanted to paint the words in a pretty font, but ultimately decided that it should be in my own handwriting.

So here are the words I would say to her:

Be Good to yourself.. Don't wait for others to fill you up... Breathe... don't forget to breathe... When it's right, you'll know.... Trust your Instincts.. You are ENOUGH... Find what brings you joy and do that...Your creativity is Limitless... Feel the wind in your hair.. Feel the sun on your face.... Feel the grass in your toes.... Swing... Smile... Play.... Live.... Love... Laugh.... Dance... Make Peace... Be Kind... Have a Heart for Others... Be thoughtful... Stay Humble.... Work Hard.... Be Honest.... Sing... Pray.... Don't Listen to Fear... Fear is a Liar.... Raise your words, not your voice.... All the hope you need is as big as a mustard seed and that's enough... Be Authentic...If you are afraid to LIVE because you are afraid to Die, then what was the point anyway? LIVE BIG... Be Genuine... people will respect that even if they disagree with you....

I finished it and was reading it over again, and I realized that that is exactly what I wish I could say to my 11 year old self. In fact, I probably need to recite this to myself every day :) Maybe I should just hang in my room.... Oh well, wish me luck.... I hope she likes it..

Until we meet again,


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