Color... how important is it, really?

My Husband is color blind... He has red/green color blindness. While, this has surfaced before in our marriage when we had to choose paint colors or in picking out dress clothes, it never dawned on me how much he was actually missing out on until a few weeks ago. I was commenting on how beautiful the fall leaves were this year. They are especially brilliant this year. He said he doesn't see them like we do. This made me realize the fundamental difference between us. Color is everything to me. My greatest happiness comes from viewing sunsets and enjoying the beauty of the Kentucky landscape. I am an artist and an interior designer and color is ...well Color is just... everything. I ordered him some of those color blind glasses at the suggestion of a great little friend of mine. I rushed them so he wouldn't miss the fall leaves. He is just baffled and amazed that the rest of the world sees things this way. He says it's truly amazing. He has a new appreciation for my need to pull over and take pictures of sunsets, fall trees, red birds, butterflies, and a million other things in nature that capture my attention. It all looks brown or gray to him unless it is blue but even then he only sees a certain strain of blues. If you know anyone who suffers from color blindness, you need to give them the gift of these glasses. It really will change their whole way of seeing and appreciating all the beauty this world has to offer.

Until we meet again,


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