9 Great Colors To Pair With Red For Your Home

If you want to incorporate the color red into your home decor, this may be a bit tricky. Red is a fiery color that may be difficult to tame due to the high energy it evokes. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this color in your home. It all comes down to the colors that you will pair it with, along with the vibe that you want to achieve. When you mix red with the right colors, you will be surprised at how it can transform your home into something that you’ve always wanted.

Navy and White

If you want a more classic look, pair the color red with navy and white. Although it may look like the American flag when not done right, you can still use this color combination by sticking with solid patterns and putting more focus on matte textures.

Black and White

If you want to go for a more retro look, you can pair red with black and white. It is also a classic combination that will make the red color pop.


Add some romance to a room using the color red by combining it with a blush color. This will give a room a passionate vibe—perfect for a couple’s room.


If you want to show off a bit of your boldness with a touch of red, pair it with the turquoise color. These two are both vibrant hues that will evoke the kind of loudness that you want to achieve. Use this color combination if you want to make the colors in a room pop yet you want to throw in a soothing vibe to it.


The combination of red and green colors doesn’t always look like a room straight out of a holiday card. You can still use this combination by playing with the shades. Choose more than one shade and mix them all together because red and green hues can create high contrast. If you choose wisely, these two colors in a room will be perfect.


If you want to add subtle warmth to a room, you can pair the color red with orange. Orange is close to red in the color spectrum, which may result in an excellent color combination. If you want a modern vibe, throw in various shades of orange and some neutral tones in there. This color combination will not disappoint and will provide you with just the right amount of warmth.


Beige is an excellent color if you want to tame fiery red. It will provide the perfect blend of contrast and compared to white, beige is more soothing. So, if you want to add a balance to the fiery red color, pair it with beige. You will surely love the outcome.


You might think that pairing red with purple is a definite no-no. But before you scratch this off your list, just imagine how it looks when it comes to life. You can make this color combination work by choosing the right shade. Go for colors that are in the same tone range and you can use them as accents to make them stand out.

Light Yellow

Red and yellow actually work well together. Use this color combination if you want to bring warmth and energy into a room without being too overwhelming. You can also downplay it by adding softer shades of each color.


Don’t be afraid to add a pop of red in your home. Despite its fiery reputation, there are a lot of colors that will go well with this hue to help you achieve the look that you want. However, it may be difficult to do this on your own. It’s still best to trust an interior designer to help you out, especially if you have little experience with color combinations.

Here at Metamorphosis Studio, we can help make the color red work for you. We have a team of creative interior designers that will bring your ideas to life. Contact us today.

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