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A Guide to Getting Wallpaper Murals for Your Space

Any home or office in need of improvements can consider getting wallpaper murals to enhance the space and bring new life to an otherwise dull setting. If you know nothing about design, you can hire interior design services to provide different mural designs to meet your needs!

The most important note to remember when it comes to wallpaper murals is that these are affordable and can either be a temporary or permanent solution, depending on your choice. It can be easily personalized to suit any area without withholding your creativity to specific designs only. As such, they’re good investments, for as long as you get a hold of a decent interior design service near you.

Before you consider getting a mural, you must first determine what kind of mural design you want and consider the factors in applying them correctly. Keep reading below to find out.

Kinds Of Wall Murals

Graphic Murals

Similar to classic wallpapers that households and commercial establishments incorporate into spaces, murals can come in the form of various shapes and styles. They are applied to a single wall to avoid taking over the entire room and, instead, enhance its atmosphere and final look.

Photo Murals

Businesses can benefit from photo murals that consist of large photographs to promote their brands successfully. They require to be placed at a fair distance so that passers-by can witness the mural in its entirety. Typical establishments that use photo murals are hair salons and offices.

Color Gradient Murals

If you’re tired of having minimalist interior design, you can try color gradient murals to add some pop of color into your space. They are perfect for white walls that you need to breathe life into and incorporate a modern finish without being too distracting.

Abstract Murals

Abstract murals offer visuals that come in different shapes and forms that serve as a mosaic to represent a bigger image. It’s a kind of mural that applies geometry to develop an atmosphere that can uplift your space and the moods of the people in the room.

Factors That Will Affect Your Wall Mural

Consider The Available Space

After deciding what kind of wallpaper mural to get, you must also think about the space you’re working with and adapt your plans accordingly. Knowing the present colors in your room will also affect your mural because they need to match your idea to work.

Determine Any Potential Flaws

For your mural design to be perfect, you should also keep track of any flaws found on your walls that might get in the way of your mural installation. Check to see if you need to do any repairs before pushing through with your wallpaper mural.

Focus On Consistent Results

The mural you choose for your home or office serves as a chance to brand yourself properly. That’s why it’s essential to select consistent colors and images. Determining the right elements for your mural can represent your brand’s values.

Evaluate Its Longevity

Even though wallpaper murals can be a temporary solution that you can always change whenever you want to, it would still be best to apply a mural that’s meant to last. Having a well-thought-out plan allows you to think long-term and minimize your efforts to develop a new design every few months.


There are endless options you can try when it comes to decorating your space with mural designs. You can choose from different kinds of wallpaper murals to install in your home or office, all while considering the factors involved, such as the space to work on and any potential flaws that might hinder your project. Remember that when you’re picking a mural design, ensure to think long-term and focus on consistent results that will last you for the years to come!

Are you looking for Lexington mural design services? Metamorphosis Studios is an interior design firm committed to combining artistic outputs with the design of your dreams to form a classic space that’s made to last. Get in touch with us today to get a color consultation!

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