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Bolden Your Decor: 3 Ways to Incorporate Murals in Your Interior Design

Murals are eye-catching works of art that you often see painted over large walls in cityscapes and hole-in-the-wall cafes, but who says you can't make the same dramatic statement at home? It will undoubtedly add a colorfully scenic touch to your bare walls and give life to the room, adding dynamic touches to your interior decor.

Decorative painting can add an unparalleled, dramatic flair that can invigorate your living space, making it a loud and creative way to incorporate your personality at home. For curious homeowners, here's how murals are a powerful home decor tool you can utilize to brighten your space:

1. Add a Splash of Color to Your Kitchen Using Tile Murals

Make your kitchen space look scenic and inspiring by adding kaleidoscopic tile murals as a backsplash. When set against neutral counters and cabinets, you can set the tone and brighten the area simultaneously, thanks to its reflective surface.

Not only do tile murals give the space a glamorous look, but it also makes it easier to clean since you can easily wipe any oil or grease stuck on the smooth and flat surface. A spritz of warm water with a liquid detergent solution is all it takes to wipe the mural clean, making it a low-maintenance addition that can introduce form and function to the kitchen.

2. Make a Cost-Effective Statement with Vinyl Wall Decals

Opting for vinyl wall decals as your mural can bring an exciting display that can spruce your space without burning holes in your wallet. It strays away from the usually painted finish you often expect in murals as it produces crisp images using multiple stickers. Beyond being an economical choice, it also shows less commitment compared to painted or tiled murals.

3. Bring Out Your Children's Playful Style Using Themed Murals for their Bedroom

For children who love to see art on walls, why not go a step further by hiring a professional mural designer to add an attractive, Crayola-inspired theme to their bedroom? You can choose a design that speaks to your children and help draft stencil kits, making it easy to spray on impressive graphics and inspiring word art on your little rugrats little haven.

The Bottom Line: How Murals Can Add A Unique and Fresh Visual Element to Your Home's Walls

Integrating murals in your home's interior design surely beats paintings when adding visual texture to your walls. It creates an eye-catching focal point that completes the room's look, tying all the design elements together with the color scheme and furnishing.

Murals are a compelling architectural feature that is sure to stand out more than your average wallpaper, especially in bringing out your personality.

How Can Our Top Interior Designers Transform Your Space?

Are you looking to add a visual punch to your home decor but have no idea where to start? Our top mural designer can elevate your walls with stunning imagery and illustrate your style. Get in touch with our top interior designers in Lexington and see how we can help make your home renovation dreams into reality.


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