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Choosing Between Leaning Art and Hanging Art for a Space

Interior design is a field that is highly misunderstood. What looks like a process of making a few improvements to a home’s aesthetics through furniture goes beyond sofas and tables. Areas like Kentucky are starting to have a growing art scene, making artworks in Lexington a good buy for anyone looking to spruce up a home.

Most people are unaware of the best ways to display art. An interior design specialist knows off the top of their head what mounting style a painting or artwork looks best for the space at hand. Interior design in Lexington is essential, as making a home look good is more than just buying plenty of furniture and decoration pieces. Here are things to consider when choosing whether to hang artworks or to make them lean on a surface:

Leaning Art Creates a Unique Look

Art that is leaning on surfaces can create a uniquely layered appearance, as these can have various pieces in front of them to give it a beautiful pop-out look. An example is placing a painting on a bookshelf and stacking books or figurines and ornaments in front to provide it with a dimensional aesthetic.

Hanging Adds a Sense of Order

Hanging art is basically the gold standard of displaying art, as all art galleries have been doing things this way for practically centuries. Leaning multiple art pieces can be viewed with a bad taste and can be hazardous due to less space available for movement. When art is hung, it creates cleanliness and can craft precise lines that lead the eye smoothly.

Leaning Art Can Transform Smaller Spaces

Small space decoration can be complicated, as there is limited space to work with due to the room’s dynamics. However, choosing one piece of lovely art can change the interior design feel of a home. Art adds personality and intrigues visuals to remove the limitations of a small space. With a leaning artwork to act as the focal point of a room, this can make space appear much larger than it actually is as long as it’s not overdone.

You Can Hang Paintings Anywhere

Leaning art has a few considerations to make, such as the surfaces it will rest on, and the art piece’s overall safety when exposed to the floor. However, all homes have a big enough wall to mount a beautiful artwork, making it easy to choose a place to hang a piece. Finding the right piece to match will be essential, so choosing the size and the orientation of the painting will provide a gallery-like feel.

Cons of Both Leaning and Hanging Art

Leaning is excellent for many reasons, but it is limited by the surfaces available in a home. Some people don’t like taking away space from a potential furniture piece when an artwork leans on a wall. Additionally, leaning it on a desk or a shelf can be risky when contact is made and can cause the framing to break or shatter if any glass is involved. Considering the placement of a leaned artwork is essential, as this heavily relies on the surface behind it.

While hanging is safer in general, it is a more permanent option for mounting art. You’ll need to hammer or drill a hook into the wall, which might not be possible for some people. It can also be dependent on the wall’s material, as some might not be good for mounting expensive pieces. However, you can buy mounts that are less damaging to the wall, but these can be more pricey.


Art has dynamics even out of the picture frame. With their display methods playing such a massive role in how they are perceived, it is crucial to choose the right techniques in mounting artworks. Whether you decide to use a leaning method or to hard mount for display, these both have their pros and cons that are highly dependent on your home’s aesthetic goals.

Metamorphosis Studios is one of the best rated interior designer studios in Lexington, Kentucky. Whether you are working around artwork or trying to find a beautiful workaround for your home space, we are here to help. Contact us for interior design services to improve your overall comfort!

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