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How Adding Wall Art to Your Home Can Uplift Your Interior Design

When it comes to designing a room, wall art is usually the design aspect that is often chosen last. More often than not, people forget to consider wall art as an essential part of interior design, particularly because they’re too focused on the other elements that make up a room!

In fact, by handpicking the pieces of art you plan to hang over your space carefully, you can find that your room will look more put together and complete. Well-chosen wall art plays a huge role in interior design because they serve to complement any space perfectly!

Keep reading below to find out more reasons to treat wall art as an integral part of any home interior design.

It Adds Color to Your Room

Picking a final color palette to make up your room is usually a challenging decision because it involves looking into your walls, floor, ceiling, decoration, and furniture. There are endless color options to choose from when it comes to painting a room that it will be hard to narrow down your choices.

What you can do is instead of focusing on the color of your walls, opt for designing it with hanging art instead. When you decide on a piece that you want to display for your room, it will inspire the color you will eventually choose to use.

It Draws Attention to Your Space

Part of hiring an interior designer in Lexington is to figure out how to beautify your space by focusing on a focal point or a design element that works to draw attention to your room. With the help of well-placed and eye-catching wall art, you give your guests a sense of belongingness, of knowing what to make of your space’s design.

It’s crucial to choose the right size of the art you plan on hanging because if it’s too small, it won’t look good against your furniture that all hold significant dimensions. Similarly, art that’s too big will look too much to handle, that it will look forced and unnatural.

It Provides Depth With Various Mediums

You can find various wall art to display in your home, from two-dimensional paintings to 3D works of art. Avoid confining yourself to a single medium because when you add variety to your space, you can bring in more depth and texture.

Aside from hanging paintings, prints, and photos on your wall, you can also opt for sculptures, ceramics, and mixed media to brighten up an otherwise lifeless room. Doing so places visual weight on your space, where rough textures tend to make it more intimate, while smooth surfaces bring in a more familiar tone.

It Serves as an Extra Touch to Complete the Room

Whether you’re designing a rented space or a permanent property, it’s a good idea to consider interior design services to help the area feel more put together and make you feel at home. Aside from focusing on the furnishings, gathering art can complete any room that feels a bit dull!

These design pieces serve as an element to finish any space that requires an extra touch that doesn’t just offer function but design. The secret to choosing the right art is to find decor similar to the current style of your room, so you can still fulfill its coherence and avoid making it look like it doesn’t belong together.


Choosing wall art to go with your rooms doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In fact, it’s where you can bring out your creativity and let your imaginations run free. The decor you select can add color to your room, draw attention to your space, provide depth using various mediums, and add an extra touch to complete your room. If you aren’t sure about your skills when it comes to visualizing what you want, you can always rely on an interior designer near you to help you make magic and turn your space around.

Are you looking for interior design services in Lexington to assist you with working on your home’s interior? We're an interior design firm that offers design assistance to our clients in need. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!

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