Interior Design 101: 7 Tips to Transform the Look of Any Space

Have you ever come across a beautiful hotel room or an Airbnb interior that is so homey, so peaceful, and so you?

There is something about beautifully-designed spaces that just want you to stay and never want to leave! Staying inside your home for so long, this quarantine period probably also gave you that urge to give your space a quick makeover to change your home’s vibe. The good news is that anyone is free to redesign and redecorate their room in any way they want—as long as you put some effort into it, of course!

However, if you want to transform a room and make it look more appealing or professionally designed, here are some tips to consider:

#1 - Do not be afraid to add colors

If you want to change a room effectively and beautifully, adding color would be a great way to start. Typical homeowners are fond of neutral or white-washed places; however, if you want to create a drastic change to your room, adding pops of color will definitely make a big difference!

For example, a bright blue bedroom can make your room look like it comes out of a magazine. Adding pops of yellow or green can dramatically change its overall look! Just take in the space that you want to redecorate and visualize it along with your furniture—this can guide you which colors best to pick!

#2 - Use mirrors to widen up a space

If you live in a tiny room, you can make it look bigger by adding mirrors in your space. Mirrors help any space look lighter, larger, and more open. Place them directly in front or diagonal from a window and see how it reflects the natural and artificial light inside your room! This trick will instantly make your room appear bigger than what it actually is.

#3 - Decorate it with accessories

A simple way to transform any room is by adding design-forward objects and accessories into it. What you want is to have a room with nicely curated items put together to create a cohesive look. Avoid randomly picking things that will look like clutter strewn about your room!

When decorating, keep in mind that you are filling up empty spaces with purposeful things. For example, you can add a stool right next to the tub, so you have storage space for all your knickknacks. You can also add a plant by the sink to make the area look homey!

Everything you add must have its purpose, must bring joy, and must go well with the overall look you are aiming for.

#4 - Maximize that natural light

A room with natural light is always a desirable space. It looks calming and open without the necessary effort needed to pull it off. If your room has floor-to-ceiling windows, you should highlight it and make it the focal point instead of hiding it.

Don’t forget to beautify your windows. Use the right curtains and shades for your room and witness how it will change your room’s appearance. You should always prioritize your windows even if you are working on a bit of a dark room.

#5 - Try to experiment

You will never discover the design that speaks true to you unless you try experimenting with different looks and pieces. While there are guidelines to tell you what looks best, your happiness still depends on your personal preferences.

#6 - Add some greenery

A homey room will not be complete without plants. If you want to beautify a place in the fastest way possible, adding some plants or flowers will help.

If there are empty nooks and crannies in your room, fill them with some potted plants or seasonal flower bouquets that can make them look livelier. Just make sure that these areas will allow the plants to thrive.

#7 - Add some texture

You might not notice it but adding different textures in a room prevents it from looking flat and dull.

As such, go crazy with adding throw pillows, cozy blankets, textiles, and rugs in different patterns and textures. They serve as additional visual attractions in a room, plus they can give various effects to it!


A little tweak here and there can immediately add your personality to a room, and every bit of character can make a difference in any space. If you are in an experimenting stage and want to see what you can do to your room, you can follow any of the advice given above. For the best results, it’s always safest to consult with a reliable interior designer near you.

Are you looking for an interior design service in Lexington to help you transform your interior’s aesthetic? Metamorphosis Studios has your back! We are happy to help you transform and elevate your room into a space that you will love. Get in touch with us today!

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