Psychology of Space - 3 Factors That Affect Your Emotions

Psychology is an entire branch of complex concepts and theories, but it encompasses aplenty—including interior design. Dubbed as the “psychology of space”, this idea postulates that your home reflects your mood and personality, and every space we interact with transmits us emotions and notions that affect us. In simpler terms, your choice of decor, colors, and space use directly affects how you feel.

How you arrange your room affects your feelings of happiness and comfort, of hostility and coldness. In essence, it’s only logical to arrive at an insight: space and emotions are directly proportional. In creating a space, your personal characteristics matter, as with how you exist—only then can you arrive at a blueprint that defines you, a haven that brings you peace and security.

Various factors affect the psychology of space, but today we take a look at the most important aspects. These are the foundation of every beautiful home, one that transcends aesthetics. Underneath the visuals come meaningful notions, designed to help your home feel more like you:

Factor #1: Color

Weaving colors according to emotions

Color plays a vital role in how we interact with the world around us. It keeps things light, interesting, and ever-appealing, but colors affect us in more ways than one. Unknown to many, color definitely affects our emotions and moods, so make sure to take your choice of color into careful consideration.

Red, for instance, pertains to power and passion, best for warming up spaces. Yellow exudes happiness and creativity, perfect for inducing a calm environment. Green brings you closer to nature, as it brings the magic of nature into any space. As you plan your home’s interior, choose your color palette wisely.

Factor #2: Decorative pieces

Choosing processions that speak to your soul

Colors on the wall certainly bring life to any room, but how you fill the space matters. Every item you place in your room serves a function. From the candles you place on the center table, down to the magazines you carefully arrange beside the sofa, every object dictates a narrative.

Wall hangings add a touch of creativity to any given space, while coasters that sit on your coffee table signals a warm welcome for guests. A kitchen is a kitchen, but with marble countertops and distressed wood accent pieces, you make the space more vibrant and inviting. In essence, your choice of objects expresses your personality.

Factor #3: Space

Learning the art of perception and illusion for personalization of spaces

While the idea of living in a grand mansion is enough to make anyone swoon, the reality is far from that. In a highly populated world, the idea of space has become scarce. We’ve learned to live in just enough space, if not tiny, which has promoted interior designers to make less become more a possibility. Certain visual tricks create the illusion of a larger space, for instance, such as the use of a mirror.

Furniture scaled to size can also help a room appear more spacious, but it’s important to stick to a warm color palette. Monochromatic has always been the key to the best fashion pieces, and the same formula applies to your home’s interior. Make sure your furniture matches, inviting as much natural light as you possibly can.

Investing In The Right Tools

Owning a home is a dream come true, but decorating it according to your personal preferences can be quite challenging. Fortunately, the psychology of space exists. Use the factors aforementioned as a guide to creating the right interior blueprint for you. In time, you’ll have a home that feels warm, inviting, and completely uplifting.

If you need the help of a professional interior designer, however, don’t hesitate to contact one! Metamorphosis Studios is one of the best in Lexington, KY. We believe in the power of art and design, decorating for various businesses, schools, homes, and more. Thoughtful and moving design is always the end goal, so we’ll make sure that your environment becomes the best it could possibly be.

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