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The Best Ideas on How to Decorate Children's Bedrooms

Having children is one of the most incredible gifts that can happen to any family. It’s incredibly fun to create a space where the sweet little ones can not just play and have fun, but grow up safe and sound. Being entirely responsible for an aesthetically pleasing room that is wholly functional is not easy, especially since it has to be one that your child will love as he or she grows up.

What people may not understand is that there is a lot to be said about kiddie rooms. While it’s important to be aware of your kid’s current wants, keeping their future needs in mind is also key. You need to be able to strike a balance between what is adorable and cute, as well as what is practical. No matter where the decoration process is starting from, whether an improvement in a space that already exists or from absolute scratch, you are bound to have a fun time.

Here are some of the best ideas on how to decorate the bedrooms of children.

Highlight Play

One of the key ways to have your child love their room is to have the focal point be on their favorite thing: playtime! You can set up a ball pit, an indoor swing, and even get a more whimsical house-frame bed. Look into getting a chalkboard wall you can bond with your child over.

Add an element of fun with an art gallery that is easy to update, so your child can display their favorite creations. You can even insert a built-in rock-climbing wall, put a slide on the bunk bed, or suspend a cargo net from the ceiling for maximum fun that also aids in burning up extra, pre-bedtime energy.

Keep It Kid-Friendly

A key trick to keep in mind is to imagine yourself as if you are 2 or 3-feet tall. Essentially, you have a small tenant on your hands. Choose a floor bed along with a table and chair set that is pint-sized, which is a cozy alternative in lieu of more traditional furniture. Set easy-access hooks and have a trash can at a low level and you’ll be encouraging self-responsibility. Open shelving will also help in this regard as well as serve as motivation for independent play.

Simplicity Is Key

As tempting as it is to spoil your child, the old adage ‘less is more’ applies. When the decor stays simple and there aren’t too many furnishings, there is far more space for play! Additionally, as your child grows up, he or she can have a neutral canvas, which can be added to or improved upon over time. Prioritize playtime by having a floor plan that has plenty of space. When you get a house-frame bed that is floor-level, it can double as a play zone. Toys that are often used and well-loved can double as accessories that add a world of charm.


No matter what you ultimately decide on, putting your child first is always a good idea. Make room for magic when you decorate their bedroom and you’ll be sure to reap lovely rewards. A beautiful, fun, and safe personal space is a gift your child will value forever.

Looking to get some professional help with your kid’s bedroom design? Contact Metamorphosis Studio today! Get expert opinion from an interior designer in Lexington with over 20 years of experience.

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