Top 5 Exciting Interior Trends You Can Try This Autumn

Autumn is one of the best seasons. As the leaves change their colors and the air gets filled with earthy scents, it brings comfort and warmth. This is also the perfect time to spruce up your home and add some cozy touches to your space.

Transforming your place into a fall-inspired one can be easy, fast, and affordable. While placing some leaves, candles, and pumpkins in your home can add some charm to your house, this fall-themed idea can be overrated. If you’re itching to try something festive but a little different, here are some exciting interior trends to try this autumn:


Patterns can easily bring some color and excitement to a rather dull and plain room. Some patterns that are on-trend recently are stripes, geometric prints, and floral motifs. Choose one that suits your preferences perfectly and matches the mood you’re trying to create for your home.

Using patterns can be risky, so if you’re the type who always wants to switch up the look of your home, try this interior trend with patterned items that can be replaced without hassle, such as curtains, rugs, tablecloths, or wall decor.

Yellow or wheat accent color

Your home’s accent color emphasizes your desired color scheme and creates contrast, harmony, and rhythm to your space. Why not consider going for a yellow or wheat accent color?

This bright hue can suit any season. It brings warmth and coziness during fall or winter, while it reminds you of warm, joyful days during the spring or summer.


Lavender is a trendy color you can add to your home’s color scheme. This hue is ideal if your location has limited natural light and you want to decorate your place with light colors. It’s also best used when you want to blend light colors with deeper tones. It brightens your mood, gives your room positive energy, and showcases a fresh vibe.

Artistic flower styling

Flowers bring beauty to any home. Nowadays, there are many different ways to use them as decoration. Aside from simply buying fresh ones and placing them on a vase, the trend right now is mixing real flowers with paper, metal, silk, and dried varieties. You can have them custom-arranged according to your preferences or put a beautiful bunch together all on your own.


Many homeowners try to incorporate indoor plants into their spaces. Doing this lightens up your space’s ambiance effortlessly and gives some life to your room. They also offer various health benefits, such as reducing your stress levels and boosting your concentration and productivity.

When adding plants to your home, remember that they are more than just for aesthetic purposes. Caring for them requires commitment, so make sure to give them the proper attention they need. Otherwise, you can always opt for fake ones. Just like the real variety, they help brighten up the room and uplift your mood.


Now is the perfect time to give your home a makeover and try out some creative interior trends that are perfect for autumn. If you need expert help, you can always turn to experienced interior designers like us.

Create the space of your dreams by teaming up with Metamorphosis Studio. We offer interior design services in Lexington. Contact us to set an appointment!

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