Top 5 Interior Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Dream Home

Achieving your dream home is a complicated process involving contractors, suppliers, and interior designers. Hardly are full-home renovations a do-it-yourself project, although some interior design choices may be in the hands of your aesthetic preferences. When working towards achieving your home goals, avoid making these five interior design errors at all costs.

Mistake 1 - Neglecting a Blueprint

Driving home with the perfect centerpiece is exciting—until you realize you can barely squeeze it into your living room. Space planning allows you to visualize what you can fit into each room appropriately. For instance, if your bedroom can accommodate a king-sized bed, it may only leave room for one night table instead of two.

Your space should be as functional as it is visually stunning. Scale your furniture appropriately to manage the flow of human traffic. Measure the square footage of each room, considering other architectural elements such as windows and archways.

Mistake 2 - Buying Furniture on the Fly

As with any home improvement project, you don’t want to blind-buy any furniture—especially online. Without seeing or feeling an armchair or coffee table, you can’t adequately get a sense of its quality behind a screen.

Visualizing a product won’t suffice. Without the proper knowledge of its quality, size, true color, and construction, it can be challenging to match a product with your style or plan.

Mistake 3 - Pushing Furniture Against the Wall

In smaller spaces, pushing furniture up against the wall can create the illusion of more generous square footage. However, in a medium or large-sized room, this design method can be alienating.

Consider floating furniture to create a more intimate conversation area and emphasize a focal point. Whether a fireplace, outside view, television, or piece of artwork, something like a central coffee table can effectively draw the eye towards where you want it to go.

Mistake 4 - Incorporating One Source of Lighting

Despite their effect on a room’s tone and atmosphere, many tend to overlook the importance of good lighting. Overhead and recessed lighting are popular fixtures within new construction homes. However, too much overhead lighting can prove harsh.

Consider a softer lighting option, such as standing or table lamps. If incorporating overhead lighting, install a dimmer that you can adjust throughout the day. Varied sources of lighting create a gentler, more tranquil home ambiance. If you’re feeling adventurous, purchase fairy lights or candles.

Mistake 5 - Straying from Color Options

A significant home renovation isn’t the time to hold back. After plastering, tiling, and other major tasks, it can be punishing to take a step back and undo something you regret—or add something that no longer fits.

Sticking to neutrals is a safe option—but boring for some. Don’t be afraid to throw in a little color, so long as they complement each other. A rich, pesto-colored sofa, for instance, might pair well with a turquoise-colored armchair.

There’s no need to be strictly monochromatic. Approach color the way you would a fashion piece. Would you wear it? Would your home wear it?


Interior design leaves a lot to interpretation. The visual impression your home leaves on visitors is entirely up to you. When it comes to home design, there aren’t very many rules—but there are some things you’ll want to avoid as much as possible.

At Metamorphosis Studios, your bespoke interior design projects are just at arm’s length. Through thoughtful design, we can transform your blueprint into the space you’ve always wanted.

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