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The work of dismantling and taking down the old to make way for something new is very messy. It is much like the journey of a caterpillar as it becomes a butterfly.  Metamorphosis Studios has been built on that premise.  First comes the dream. Second comes the Dance, which is the process where we go back and forth to find the perfect combination of Art, Beauty, Color, Texture, Function, and all of your favorite things in harmony with one another.  Third comes the Dismantling: the Dust, the Dirt, the Breaking apart of things.  Fourth, we begin the slow arduous process of putting it back together. Lastly, we put all the finishing touches on and the decor.  Usually, at this last step is when my clients say, "ahhh, now I understand what you were trying to do."  I love that part, and that is my "WHY"  It is what makes me keep wanting to do this over and over again.     


We make your house a home.

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