Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer for Your Home

Most people approach home renovations intuitively. They have a pegboard or styles that they find appealing but have no idea how to achieve a unified look for the home. Perhaps they don't have time to research details like accessories and accent pieces or have no idea where to source them. 

Others are not even sure where to begin. Typically, they have recently upsized their home and would like to fill it up but are afraid of choosing the wrong pieces. Since they are still getting used to their space, they might feel like their current furniture or their home flow does not suit their needs. You will address all of these issues when you consult with an interior designer.

What is the job of an interior designer?

Interior designers are people who can curate the various options for furniture, accent pieces, carpets, and drapery to fit a home's style or a client's preferences. Designers work with your specifications—functional needs, aesthetic, and budget—and locate pieces that include these.

Designers can also make personalized furniture and accents for your home. Some have formal training in visual arts like painting and sculpture, which helps them create custom pieces for their clients.

Why should I hire an interior designer?

Some people might think that hiring someone to plan your living space is frivolous. However, the value of an intentionally designed home is immeasurable. When you have everything you need exactly where you want them, it provides less friction in your day-to-day activities.

The value of interior design is its ability to combine form and function. It is an art, requiring a combination of formal training and an eye for aesthetics. Designers can visualize the result of combining distinct pieces while ensuring that they meet the client's needs.

What skills do interior designers have?

Designers are gifted communicators. They can regard a room in terms of its visual appeal, find ways to improve it and express their vision to vendors or contractors. A designer might not have the solution to a design problem right away, but given ample time to look for resources, they can find something that best fits the space.

Also, they are experts in scale, space planning, and proportion. They understand how items relate to each other and gauge their functionality. Their training and experience have taught them to design "rules," which they know how to break or bend.

Finally, designers are constant learners. They are practically repositories for knowledge in their field, continuously improving their practice and learning the latest furniture and decor trends for their clients. They attend trade shows, seminars, classes, and conferences to help them improve their craft.

Their ability to learn and their communication skills let them connect with others successfully; a designer leverages their network to find solutions for their customers, whether through fellow designers, contractors they had worked with, or even previous clients.


Your interior designer is great at visual communication. They can incorporate both their personal style and your preferences in the project. Hiring a designer ensures that your home has a cohesive look and timeless appeal, and truly responds to your needs.

Metamorphosis Studios can help you transform your vision for your home into a reality. We offer professional interior design services in Lexington, KY, ensuring thoughtful and moving design for all our clients. Get in touch with us today for more information!

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